Saturday, October 3, 2009

Talk About Your Childhood Wishes... You Can Even Eat the Sukkah

I love holidays.  The small silly ones help break up routine and monotony, and the more significant days allow us to remember, commemorate and celebrate our traditions, culture and history.  The glue for all of this?  Food, of course!

This week starts the holiday of Sukkot.  During the holiday, we remember how our ancestors lived in temporary shelters as we wandered through the dessert and spend time in temporary dwellings aka tents aka  sukkahs.

Sukkahs are made of at least two and half walls and have ceilings made of branches or other material that allow a visitor to see the night sky.  When the kids get a wee bit older, maybe we'll grab some materials from Home Depot and build a sukkah in the backyard.  For now, we'll visit the neighborhood sukkah and choose a yummier option for our home--we'll build an edible sukkah!

The Not-Quite-a-Gingerbread-House Sukkah

- 1 package of graham crackers
- 1 bag of pretzel sticks
- peanut butter, marshmallow fluff, Nutella or similarly sticky spread
- various small candies (eg, M&Ms, gummies, Nerds, chocolate chips, small sour bears, etc.)


Break graham crackers apart into panels.  Using the sticky spread as a glue, have children affix a few candies to the wall panels.  When they are satisfied, use the edible glue product as mortar and carefully put the panels together (the peanut butter seemed to work best for this).  Place a dollop of "glue" on the pretzels and carefully place the pretzels on the top of the structure, creating the branch-like ceiling.  Kids may want to place additional candies inside of their sukkahs.  Use as a table centerpiece, and then enjoy!

*Consider doing a savory version with crackers as the panels, cream cheese as the glue, breadsticks as the ceiling, and diced olives, celery, carrots and the like as the decorations. 

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